Hairstyle trends from your school years

Can you remember what styles were en vogue in your school years?

Did you copy them to be trendy?

Were you a trendsetter?

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We had that one where you had like hair gel at the front and little spikes. Probably the worst haircut of all time


of course I just had a bowl cut forever until I had long hair

Big spiky hair, was v jealous of those who had it. Dennis the Menace style

Pretty much the same here

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(I have basically had the same haircut since I was a small child, only the length varies)

sad to have missed out on the curtains years I think it would keep people humble

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The thing where lads wore fucking loads of hair gel so that their hair looked like it was wet. And slimy.

For girls, ponytails so tight it looked painful. (With an option of two dangly bits of hair at the front.)


I had this for a bit, and given that I’ve always had a high hairline it looked really, really silly on me.

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Yeah, I had that one for a bit, I’m sorry to say now.

Before that it was curtains, but I could never get my hair to successfully style like that.


How did people think that much gel was ok? Really wild times

sorry, I really shouldn’t/can’t comment as I often have some of the worst hair of all time

In fairness I don’t think there was that much choice of hair product targeted at men back then. Now you walk into Superdrug and there’s a whole shelf of different tins of things called stuff like Matt Clay (whoever he is).


Really wanted Matt Bellamy style hair. Tried to with some electric blue dye once. Didn’t work.


I should find out what the deal is with hair products some day, I’ve never looked at any of that stuff.

Don’t bother

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head & shoulders it is then!

I gave up on hair products for over a decade but I have recently embraced salt spray