Hairstyles you've always wanted to have but never had the bottle to get them



Intentional mullet.


I tried in vain to get a different haircut the last time I had a haircut and the lady said “it just doesn’t want to do it does it” and the haircut also took ages


What were you attempting?


i’m loving that she’s blaming your hair

shes got chutzpah


One with hair.


was just about to post something similar

check your hair privilege people


Don’t really know tbh, I kind of said “it usually goes this way, can you try to make it not go that way”




Hair dressers have tried that one on me in the past, but it’s going to the left no matter what they do, so let’s not waste time.


I haven’t had a haircut for ages - I can’t decide if I’m right on the bleeding edge of what a balding mad can get away with/ well past that bleeding edge/ not even in sight of that edge yet


It kind of goes differently at the front to how it used to go now and two people have said “your hair looks different” since it happened so she may have been underselling herself


Meet me in McDonald’s.


Ok, here is a rare Balonz selfie. I was arguing with the wife last night that although very grey at the temples the top is still largely brown. She quipped that I needed a new mirror. Talking out her arse. So I took a photo and she still wasn’t having it. What the fuck?


Ok that might be one of the best patches but still!


What is that photo of, a bar of silver?


A hairy poo more like


you silver fox



This isn’t a fair poll because you look happier in the top pic so that’s the one I voted.


This is coincidental, I was equally happy on both days


The future: