Hairy ears

Just got a glance in the mirror and realised I’ve got full on saplings coming out of my ears at the moment.

Do you suffer/experience this? Do anything about it? I’m tempted to try and grow it as long as possible tbh

I do not and, thinking about it, you don’t really see people of the female sex with hairy ears, so I am guessing it might be linked to male hormones like testosterone, so you aRE JUST VERY MANLY.
iN caps.

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Go to a Turkish barbers and have them burn em off. Or try it yourself at home using a lighter.


My non Turkish barber usually has a chop at my eyebrows but as yet hasn’t touched the ear forest. Tbh I doubt it’s a common sight among many of her normal clientele

Yeah my ear hair is a fucking disgrace, but I’m quite unobservant so let it get right out of control before going at it with scissors a bit. The bits that come out of the earhole are the most prolific, but the weird odd strands that come out of the edge of the ear are the biggest buggers to get rid of.

Would quite like to experiment with setting my head on fire, but never have the requisite implements in my bathroom.

I manage mine with electric shaver for the outside bits, and tweezers for the inside bits

god no!

You need to toughen up @colinfilth

(It doesn’t hurt at all. Not in comparison to plucking nose hair at least)

Inside bits are fine for now, but I’ve got a few long buggers on the outside that I need to go at with the tweezers every so often.

That’s not a reassuring comparison.

Plucking would take me yeaaars though anyway.

Something about the thought of tweezing your insidey bits of your lugs has made me feel a but funny. And I get much ‘worse’ orifices waxed/ threaded.

Men don’t go bald - mother nature just pulls their hair back through their head and out through their ears and nose.

I have a beard trimmer with a nose and ear attachment, so I use that every week when I trim my beard.

I’m not going that far inside!

I’m just getting rid of the bits that poke through to the outside of the ear.

Yep. Plucking is the way to go.


I got