Half-arsed Pavement reunion rumours


Spiral Stairs reckons they may, possibly, might get back together …in 2019. Would be good to see them play again - More than anything, I just hope they get the Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal Edition back on the agenda!



missed them in 2010 so i’d be up for this


Was thinking about going to see Spiral Stairs tonight but it’s a pain in the arse to get to and the last train back is at 11.


Didn’t they say they’d dropped the idea of a special edition of Terror Twilight because there wasn’t enough material or something?


They should just leave it really.


Yeah I tend to agree. Saw them twice when they last reformed and it was fine but… yeah


I thought that might be the case, but figured there’d be enough b-sides plus a bootleg of that “final” gig to flesh it out.


They were pretty open about it being a cash in, weren’t they? 5 albums and a few EPs, all pretty much solid gold. Let’s leave it there.


Was it not Bob Nastanovich’s gambling debts that spurred it on?

Never got the chance to see them first time round and thought the reunion gig in Glasgow was superb. Would go again.


Yeah I mean sure why not, might get em on a couple of festival bills but the show I saw them at was kind of meh and I think I’ve had my fill.


I saw them back in the day and on the reunion tour and I’m welcome more reunion shows. Just love hearing those songs live.

Stick me down for an EOTR headline slot!


Agreed the shows I saw first around time at Brixton, Reading festival etc (even V festival) were special but the reunion gig at Brixton - even if it was going through the motions was pretty great and one of my top 5-10 best gigs of this decade…


I like the first two albums and that early EP compilation, would very happily see them at a fest, but don’t know if I’d pay to see them at their own gig with what bands charge these days.