Half-Life 2


Bought this for my MacBook a week ago after trying it on the original XBOX, 360 & PS3. After a bit of getting used to the mouse keyboard combo it’s just sheer gaming joy. Exceptional game / experience…


nice one m8


I’ve never played it but would love to. Maybe over Christmas.


Had the orange box for my 360, what a joyous bundle that was.



Always pelted it at that guy’s mush.


Totes. What am I, the garbage man? I’m Gordon Fucking Freeman, bitch, the mute hero of the resistance.






If you’re not playing this on a PC in 2005 you’re not really experiencing the real thing :wink:


Be sure to play the two episodic sequels. Think the second is actually better than the main game.


yeah, I love Half Life 2 and the episodic sequels.

need to play the first game, though.

and Half Life 3. if it ever comes out.


never finished the first one, even though I had many attempts


ahahaha :'D


woah, it was ported to the PS2?? no idea how this fact has escaped me until now. I’m going to have to get me that. maybe I’ll ask for it for xmas.


Yeah i had it on both and still never finished it


Might play it again


Ending of the second game was so stressful. Attaching the mines to the walkers then shooting them with the pistol. Argh.


As in second episode I mean


Have you got a PS2? I noticed I have a box of PS2 games at the bottom of my wardrobe that you’d be welcome to have if you want. My PS3 is not backwards-compatible so don’t imagine I’ll ever play them.