Half way through the year friday thread

What’s up?
Friday at least yeah


Waiting for a train into london and I didn’t pack a mask :weary: Covid’s gonna get me

Off to the undemocratic EU.

Sheffield - St. Pancras - Gatwick - Nice - San Remo today, which will be a joy.

Might have an @inthedusk classic morning train Pina


Maybe I’ll head over to St Pancras before the dis meat and have one in the station as you pass through.

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We’ll probably be there for a quick bite at lunch :eyes:

Nearly Christmas

More than half way to Christmas


Bah! I have meetings between 12 and 1.30, dammit, I’d have loved a little station pina!

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Weather is a bit grey out. Just having breakfast (rhubarb yogurt, breakfast biscuits, coffee). Got waterbabies at 12pm which is adorable. Cars booked in for a service and 4 new tyres this afternoon so thats gonna sting! Will go for a walk at some point this afternoon, and then its takeaway tea! Might even have a beer! :beers:


4 day weekend after today. Will spend 3 of them looking after the kids though. Bit of a waste of annual leave, but there we are.

Big visit at work today, off in to the dream factory in a mo.

so, todays the day where Ive got to do some work Ive been putting off all week. :roll_eyes:

*opens DiS


Doing a tour of the end points of famous bike races is it?

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End our trip in Paris so this checks out

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Having a bagel, watching Frasier.

Need to work today but also need to go on a secret mission across town at some point and find time to get ready and get to the dis meat nice and early.

But for now, let’s focus on having a chai.

Morning all!

We’re going to sunny North Tyneside for most of the weekend. We’ll be at Gretna services around lunchtime if anyone wants to pop over for a Waitrose juice drink or a Burger King.


Got the plumber (who’s name is Painter, confusingly) coming to replace a load of radiators and fix the outside tap this morning.

No idea how long it’ll take him, so potentially a bike ride afterwards, maybe just a dog walk this afternoon.

Going to make saag paneer for lunch and doing keema matar tonight :yum:

Morning all!

Have a day off work but a busy day around the house - I feel like I’ve been trying to clear a room that will become a nursery for weeks but it’s messier than it’s ever been, there just isn’t room for everything in there to be rehoused somewhere else :grimacing: also have guests tomorrow so today needs to be really productive.



Travelled into office. Internet is down. :expressionless:

As in, colada?!