Half-year genre round-ups

I love the rolling threads as much as the next person, but they can be hard to stay on top of. I did a post about techno records elsewhere that seemed to be well-received that I’m going to re-hash here. I’d be keen to see half-year round-ups from folks who are much more immersed in, say, the ‘heavy music’ or shoegaze threads than I am. Let’s keep posts related to broad genres though - this isn’t a ‘list your top 5 of the year to date’ thread. And brief descriptions are strongly encouraged.

#Melodic techno
In rough order of release rather than any sort of ranking system.

Trypheme - Online Dating
Ambient techno - pretty melodic (SAW 85-92 would be the lazy reference). Pretty much everything on the Computer Processing Unit label is gold, and this is my fave this year from them.

Cubering - Soma
On the spacier end of the ambient techno spectrum. Elements of ambient dub and oodles of reverb.

Conrad Schnitzler / Pole - Wurm
Love this. Reminds me of Chiastic Slide-era Autechre.

Octo Octa - Where Are We Going?
Summery house with a hint of electro.

Onsy - Freq 255
Harks back to the ambient techno of the late 90s. Phonem is the obvious reference point for me.

WaqWaq Kingdom - Shinsekai
Dancehall/dub/psy - absolutely brilliant, this. Imagine if Deep Forest had grown up on a diet of dubstep.

Varg - Nordic Flora Series Pt.3
Deep, relatively dark atmospheric techno. This beat Gas as my AOTM for May.

Gas - Narkopop
It’s Gas… Deep swirling harmonies and pulsing subtle rhythms.

Bola - D.E.G.
Best Bola album since Soup. Ambient techno with lots of lush synths, bleeps and bloops.

John Shima - Elements Unknown
B12 are fronting a bit of an IDM revival. This fella is on their label and his EP is looovely.

Nick Höppner - Work
Lush house which reminds me of Minilogue.


Well this is going well

I’m working on a stoner/doom list that’ll be of interest to absolutely no one. If that doesn’t get this party started I don’t know what will.


I am interested in this :slight_smile:

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Pallbearer – Heartless

Melodic doom heavyweights make their pitch for cross-over success. Not their finest outing IMO but there’s no one who does accessible, soaring doom like them around. Sounds crunchy and warm, like breakfast cereal with milk you’ve heated in the microwave as a special treat.

Show of Bedlam - Transfiguration

Canadian noisey bastards make an unhinged take on post-metal/doom that sounds like a disturbing blend of Made out of Babies and Neurosis. Sounds like waking up in Silent Hill.

Space Witch – Arcanum

Space Doom! Which is basically big riffs and synth noodling. It sounds like the 70s BBC sound effects guys jamming over Sabbath songs. Sounds like barreling face first into a black hole, naked, shortly after a long bath.

Endless Floods - II

French miserabalists making 15-20 minute slabs of abject despair. Sounds like drowning in a tar pit.

Toke – (Orange)

Slightly thuggish riffery with harsh vocals. Sounds like being mauled by a bear with especially silky fur.

Ohhms – The Fool

British doom/post-heavy whatever band go for broke on their debut with a concept album based on the traditional Tarot deck. Show surprising depth and versatility – the lovers is genuinely beautiful. Sounds like having your fortune read by a 300lb Hells Angel with a heart of gold.

Horseneck – Heavy trip

Big, dumb, screamy stoner rock with a pleasing amount of organ and horns to spice things up. Sounds like the moment at the party where everything starts to go sour but you’re too drunk to really care.

Spaceslug – Time Travel Dilemma

Riffs. Just riffs. Lots of riffs. Come get your riffs, folks. Sounds like: riffs.

Vinnum Sabbati – Gravity Works

Hypnotic, Electric Wizard low fuzzed out guitar over samples of space mission communications. Sounds like Public Service Broadcasting got addicted to something terrible and gave up hope.

Twinesuns – The Empire Never Ended

Eerie drone/doom, the soundtrack to some cyberpunk dystopia reaching some point of ultimate collapse. Sounds like being slowly devoured by some terrible, monolithic machine.

Adrift for Days – A Sleepless Grey

Ponderous, doomy post-metal from down under. Sounds like a light at the end of the highway. It’s either the dawn or a nuclear blast.

Other stuff worth a listen: King Woman, Void Cruiser, Aseethe, Hymn, Dopelord. Also Elder can’t really be filed under stoner/doom anymore but everyone: listen to Elder.


Couldn’t help but read this as Alan Partridge :smiley:

I think I’d quite like to be known as the Alan Partridge of Doom.

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Listening to Edler now :+1:

Good stuff :+1:

Melodic techno is quite a long way out of my wheelhouse but this Cubering album is making the afternoons spreadsheeting a much nicer experience.

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