Halifax (the town)

Me and some #lads went to Brighouse Town FC v Eccleshill for a groundhop and arrived to find out the game got moved 25 miles at short notice. Wtf?

So instead we went to Halifax for drinks and it was well nice! That massive mill, the minster, the Piece Hall, the lovely gate design they have with the daisies (fuck off are they roses!)… all superb. Big fan. We went to Spoons and it was pleasant as well, another one for the Google MyMaps I have of Spoons I’ve visited.

What places in the UK have pleasantly surprised you?

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  • Been to a Wetherspoons in Halifax (the town)
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Halifax: HGATR

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you should have gone to Eureka


I have been to Halifax to watch Luton vs Halifax, it’s a nice ground. Stayed at the premier inn (?) at the mill, that’s a lovely restored bit of town. Some of the other parts we went to were errmmm a bit lacking!

Who gives you extra?

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I keep trying to convince my brother and sister to come and visit so we can take their kids to Eureka, you have to have a kid under 9 with you and time is running out, those kids aren’t getting any younger!

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The Piece Hall is great, got my first gig back there in September and looking forward to having a cake from a cafe there that did one of the the best brownies I’ve ever had (Terry’s chocolate orange)

It was the absolute best as a kid, can still remember bits of it today! The giant mouth where you brushed teeth

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Aye. There was a thing in the Guardian a couple of years ago saying it was the English Milan.

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Amazing how many places in the UK seem a hell of a lot nicer in decent weather but absolute shit tips when it’s pissing down.

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Tried to talk my mate into buying a flat there that was literally in a castle that we saw listed online during lockdown. It had a massive stained glass window in the open plan living area, and a rooftop garden up in the battlements on top. Also the downstairs neighbour was kebab shop, also the person living in it when the photos were taken had a lifesize effigy of Jango Fett from Star Wars in the bedroom.

Massive envy for whoever lives in what it definitely the best abode in the world.