Please stop your cheese cracking so easily when sliced.


it cracks in the exact same way every time too, strong evidence that we’re all living in a simulation


Oh shit, is that why…

I feel like a fast confident slice is the way to prevent this. Any doubt and the cheese senses it and self sabotages


I got some tofu to do some “fried tofu” thing at the weekend only this was the “wrong sort of tofu” and just fell apart into mush so I didn’t do the thing.

The worst is when you pick up a pack of halloumi ‘slices’ by mistake and they’ve congealed into what appears to be a completely solid block again until you cut into it and it ends up in bits.

Defo gona try this. Tonight actually.

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I thought it was because halloumi is folded back on itself which is why it always cracks in the same place. Cause they make it, then fold it up to package it? that’s the inside of the fold

Why is halloumi made / presented in that U shape? Can the halloumists answer that for me while we’re here?

100% making the saag halloumi I couldn’t be bothered making over the weekend tonight.

We read this article, ordered some halloumi from the guy featured, and it was the best halloumi we’ve ever tasted:

Maybe he’ll answer your question.

freeze+defrost it first then any tofu should be the right tofu

You can only keep one:

  • Halloumi
  • Mozzarella

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If it wasn’t for pizza this would be a very easy question.


I deep fried tofu in batter to make vegan “fish” tacos” on Friday and it was very successful
Let me know if I can give you some tips

Halloumi, is it you’re looking for?


Presumably @zxcvbnm2 didn’t buy ‘firm’ tofu though. Surely once you’ve bought the weird silken stuff you’re just fucked?

This worked! thank you.


cheese is a con

The cursed ratio!