Halloween Costumes

I need to sort one out for this year.

What ones have you loved / hated / regretted / invented / etc

Need some horrorinspiration

Sexy bin collector.

You should go as a member of the guilty remnant.

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Number one tip - don’t wear anything that involves a mask as it will be fucking annoying after about 30 seconds (plus impair your drinking)…

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Sexy Gandalf

I dressed up as Joan of Arc a few years ago. In hindsight wandering around central manchester with a big plastic sword and axe wasn’t the best of idea. Banging costume though.

Tried to do a sexy Corbyn outfit once then realised I was basically just dressed how I dress for work :unamused:



Sexy Boots pharmacist

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Yes! My friend went as Nadine for a twin peaks party a couple years ago. She looked grrreat! Dressed like this -

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Sexy giraffe

Pfft, my friend isn’t super skinny at all and as I said, she looked amazing! That doesn’t matter. You’ll look awesome.

I went as the log lady, I made a fabric log. I still sleep cuddling it.

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Might dress up as a member of the nazi party this year.

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Sexy John Prescott

My rule with costumes is as little effort as possible, and something I can easily take off and get rid off. One of those white decorators’ suits plus fake blood, a crappy mask and some ripped old clothes - piece of piss.

Need an idea for the office party this year - the theme is magic.

Budget: minimal, arsedness level: 10-65% depending on the idea

  • Harry Potter something
  • Gandalf
  • Cthulhu
  • Magic Mike
  • Other

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