Halloween Costumes


I need to sort one out for this year.

What ones have you loved / hated / regretted / invented / etc

Need some horrorinspiration


Sexy bin collector.


You should go as a member of the guilty remnant.


Number one tip - don’t wear anything that involves a mask as it will be fucking annoying after about 30 seconds (plus impair your drinking)…



Normal clothes and fake blood is my go to


And fake pirate style scars with stitches so you don’t look like you’ve just been roughed up




Sexy Gandalf


I dressed up as Joan of Arc a few years ago. In hindsight wandering around central manchester with a big plastic sword and axe wasn’t the best of idea. Banging costume though.

Tried to do a sexy Corbyn outfit once then realised I was basically just dressed how I dress for work :unamused:




my sister is having a twin peaks party

me and my bf are going as this


Sexy Boots pharmacist


went as a Picasso paining once199289_230845350375566_253219049_n

other costumes: killer bee, a scary leopard, a helicopter, probably better stuff than that can’t remember


Yes! My friend went as Nadine for a twin peaks party a couple years ago. She looked grrreat! Dressed like this -


I’m not skinny enough to really pull it off but will try


Sexy giraffe


Pfft, my friend isn’t super skinny at all and as I said, she looked amazing! That doesn’t matter. You’ll look awesome.

I went as the log lady, I made a fabric log. I still sleep cuddling it.




Might dress up as a member of the nazi party this year.