Halloween films [Audit] 🎃


What ya watching tonight? Think i’ll go

Pete and pete “Halloweenie” episode
Hocus Pocus or The Witches

wbu spooky huns? :ghost:


A combo of two of the following:

It Follows
Sleepy Hollow
The Frighteners


I remember really enjoying the frighteners back then, might give it another go one day.


Gonna be boring and stick to whats on Mubi so Driller Killer


Also maybe one of Dead Ringers or Altered States but I dont know how spooky they are


Dead ringers is great but not spooky at all. Altered states is more tRiPpY than anything (obviously)


Binge watching Stranger Things for me!!


Screening of The Thing on the Cutty Sark tonight, for some reason.


Die Hard


Fancy watching something REALLY scary actually. What films are scary af?


Actually that might just be more disturbing, can’t really get scared by a film anymore


Going to watch Beyond The Gates as it’s fun and campy and has that 80s neon lighting through dry ice going on…


Also, for anyone who grew up with VHS gaming it’s definitely in debt to this bad boy…



Going to a gig, otherwise it would be Halloween 3 season of the witch, Pete and Pete and the frighteners are good choices


Forgot how terrifying Repulsion is until I watched it recently.


Fond memories of this looming at me from the top shelf of Visions Video when I was a bairn.


Might go and see Blade Runner.


Shutter (the original rater than the remake natch) freaked my nut when I watched it alone a few years ago…



Might not go to the gig and do a buffy marathon


event horizon + one other, possibly re-animator or halloween


i’m a massive hellraiser fan but can’t really find them scary!