Halloween firework audit

I didn’t take any actual measurements but if you forced me to estimate how the number of fireworks let off near me compared to previous years, I’d have to say a lot lower. I want to know if this trend was the case throughout the country (i.e. round where you live) and if so, why?

It’s Diwali.

If anything I’d have guessed that would mean more fireworks this year though rather than fewer. The way I’ve expressed the opening post is probably not very clear.

Great. Now I can’t do my “fireworks are for cunts” shtick without coming across as a massive racist.



also Fireworks night is this Saturday so…?

This is the Halloween firework audit thread

Yes but you seem to be confusing Halloween with fireworks night you see. They’re very close together, but one traditionally has fireworks whereas the other is more about costumes and scary things

thanks for helping anyway

NP buddy <3