Halloween thread

Seriously why is there no Halloween thread yet?

Please post all Halloween related decor you have or have seen.

Also what you (or your children) are dressing up as & even past costumes.

I like Halloween.


was literally about to ask if someone was gonna make this thread so thank you

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my halloween plans are probably

  • make another pumpkin biryiani (where you cook the rice inside the pumpkin and roast it with the lid on)
  • dress up as a cat
  • watch something to do with ghosts

Any fun ideas for Halloween couples costumes? Did Dorothy and the Wicked Witch last year which was fun but inspiration has yet to strike.

I don’t know why Halloween now lasts an entire month but as it seems to be keeping poppy discourse off the agenda I don’t have a problem with it.


Mulder and Scully

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Wayne and Garth, obviously.


(though me n s_h would smash that tbh)

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Just watching loads of horror movies all month, as normal.

And buying some of these at some point, cos they’re great


Never used to be my bag but Mrs Dewdney is bang into Halloween so I’ve grown to quite like it. We already have some decorations etc on the go (will provide a photo when I get home). Bought a light up pumpkin in Mozzers the other day that turned out to have a flashing multicoloured disco light in it. Hate it and love it all at once.

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Could never get Her Indoors to paint herself green so we could do Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked, but you’ve already got that half sorted by the sounds of things.


I’m going to a halloween themed drag show that’s outside on the 30th which seems a bit risky weather wise
My flat owners are doing free makeup for residents that day too

All us mates is going to Whitby but there’s no way we can afford accommodation. I’m sad about it. Looking for something to do possibly in Manchester.

We’ve got tickets to see Hocus Pocus at the local cinema in a few weeks tho!

You really would!

Shared this poll on my IG stories already but might as well get some more votes!

What should I be for Halloween this year?

  • Sexy Toadstool :mushroom:
  • Sexy Cobweb :spider_web:

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Have seen some good houses already.

This year I’m thinking of not decorating, boo hiss etc, as it really does make my ocd flare up - think if i had a house instead of a flat it’d be better but it’s a bit much. Same with xmas tbh.

I’m actually in Bristol on Halloween itself but I’ll be in Glastonbury on the Saturday when all the samhain festivities are in full swing, there’s a zombie walk down the high street too so thinking maybe I should let M live out her fantasy of dressing like she’s in Thriller.

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Avery and I had a really lazy attempt at Marceline and Marshall Lee from Adventure Time a few years ago. Would’ve been cool if we’d put more effort in.


I’ll be dressing up as a tired dad, as I do everyday. Nothing in our house. Might get some sweets in and carve a pumpkin. But that’s it.

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We once did a tree and a lumberjack.

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I love halloween and I’d like an opportunity to dress up, but nobody invites me to parties and anyway there’s still a pandemic on.