An added benefit are the news stories like

Egg Misery in South Hams

Trick or treat vandals have been on the rampage again in the local area. Several houses and cars have been covered with eggs causing at least £50 of damage


Egg in Ham

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I love watching all the different costumes get off with each other

Just made me realise why I hate Halloween


Sexy Coronavirus, but one of the surface spike proteins is an actual penis


I was telling my friend the story of when I pulled one Halloween and I was describing the guy’s costume when it suddenly dawned on me he wasn’t in a costume, he just dressed like a member of Oasis all the time. The bucket hat was not a costume.

Sexy Cummings at Barnard Castle

make it a habit every year or watching the halloween episode of pete & pete and then watching a couple horror films. can’t be arsed with going out but staying in for halloween is great.


I’d go as a sexy castle, bit like this

And I’d put one of those eye test things across the front spelling out something about boning



It’s not really the Americanisation of anything when it’s an old pagaen festival is it
Do get a bit bored of being in a costume by the end of a night though.

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Halloween within goth culture is brilliant. Within straight society it’s often a disgrace.


Sexy Cummings

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At the beginning of the year, I wanted to dress up for Halloween as a doomsday prophet, but it seems a bit off considering The Times We Are In


you could dress up as doomsday profit instead $$$ERCO

the heavy handed satire thread is that way ->


Ah, staying in and watching horror movies, maybe carving a pumpkin if I can be arsed. Halloween is all about what you do with it.

Find it quite endearing when someone’s proper into it too :slight_smile:

Sexy Chief Medical Officer