Halloweevening thread

Doesn’t really work, does it.

What are you up to?

still at work, miffed. gonna go home asap and put alcohol in my face.

Grim first tea.

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I’d say it works quite well. Got the takeaway that @Jeremys_Iron suggested earlier, then have pals coming over for the bake off final later. Will be avoiding trick or treaters, naturally.

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Think I might have made a huge tactical error by ordering a Tory takeaway. Can’t pretend I’m not in until that arrives now.



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I’m hiding at work for a bit to avoid halloween party that wife has organised for kids.

Yeah? What?

Waiting for the missus in the pub and fucking about with Instagram’s new filters. Must look like a right chode gurning into my phone but happy Halloween you guys!


Can I shock you? I don’t really like Halloween.

Although I do like this:


i’m listening to lady gaga, i’m not sure why

just back from the gym where my soundtrack to my run was the music of john carpenter movies :slight_smile:
gonna pop over and see my nephews their dressed up for Halloween and have some Halloween cake. then back to watch Halloween or some stranger things.


Might make a gin and tonic.




you should probably make a gin and tonic


still down in oxford. will head out and get some dinner in a bit. c really ba with it tough. company here want me to stay for another week. don’t really want to.



Hey all

I think it works pretty well. After all, Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows’ Eve.

I’ve got a foodbank meeting (which is really important to me etc) in a short while.

Hiding with the lights off, as are loads of trick or treaters on my road.

Luckily the door bell needs new batteries.


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Where bounce you eating?

I’m also putting beer into my face but also making pumpkin bolognese with spoooookhetti :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:
I have leftover sweeties from last year in case I get trick or treated.

*not pumpkin bolognese and I’ll be having it with penne. Fucking halloween.

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