Halloweevening thread



Doesn’t really work, does it.

What are you up to?


still at work, miffed. gonna go home asap and put alcohol in my face.


Grim first tea.


Tiredly contemplating dinner and pretending not to be home (too many entitled children in my area)


9 police vans and cars just went past my house with sirens… encouraging


I’d say it works quite well. Got the takeaway that @Jeremys_Iron suggested earlier, then have pals coming over for the bake off final later. Will be avoiding trick or treaters, naturally.


Think I might have made a huge tactical error by ordering a Tory takeaway. Can’t pretend I’m not in until that arrives now.




I’m hiding at work for a bit to avoid halloween party that wife has organised for kids.

Yeah? What?


Waiting for the missus in the pub and fucking about with Instagram’s new filters. Must look like a right chode gurning into my phone but happy Halloween you guys!


Can I shock you? I don’t really like Halloween.

Although I do like this:


i’m listening to lady gaga, i’m not sure why


just back from the gym where my soundtrack to my run was the music of john carpenter movies :slight_smile:
gonna pop over and see my nephews their dressed up for Halloween and have some Halloween cake. then back to watch Halloween or some stranger things.


Might make a gin and tonic.




you should probably make a gin and tonic



still down in oxford. will head out and get some dinner in a bit. c really ba with it tough. company here want me to stay for another week. don’t really want to.




Hey all

I think it works pretty well. After all, Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows’ Eve.

I’ve got a foodbank meeting (which is really important to me etc) in a short while.


Hiding with the lights off, as are loads of trick or treaters on my road.

Luckily the door bell needs new batteries.