Halo Infinite DiS multiplayer

Hi - post here if you are interested in teaming up with dissers to play halo infinite

I play on pc, evenings usually, on and off between 6-midnight. Weekends anytime

I have a mic and am not afraid to use it (much)

I am not very good at all but am able to point and shoot at things.

Gamer tag: harrri

Post other stuff about the game if you like.

Game tomorrow anyone?


Busy this weekend but defo up for some evening games some time.



I’m… not great, but improving

I’m so shite at FPS games that I won’t even attempt to join you all.


Vehicles in Slayer suck

Which one is slayer?

I’ve only played CTF, some weird thing with bricks that i didn’t understand, football, and a big match or whatever they’re called.

Big match was more up my street because i could hide away a bit more.

I’d be up for midweek battles. Usually online about 10:30-12 on Series S.

Give or take voice chat

Team deathmatch, first to 50 kills (or most kills at the end) wins.

If you do the current event then it’s slayer only, but also spawning with random weapons and items.

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I will be about this weekend


Hahahaha amazing :clap:

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Would be up for some games tonight or on Sunday

Won’t be able till next week ow as getting my console repaired

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I’ll go through the Xbox thread list of gmertags and add youse all

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I am nursing a kebab coma but might jump on at about 10…

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We’re ready


Did they get Godspeed to do the music for this or something lol


I was playing but I’ve now gone to bed

Ok I’m logging on in 10 minutes

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gamertag: harrri

too lazy or stupid to find yours sorry

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