Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam


This almost tempts me to buy an iPhone 7. Almost.

Hopefully they’ve made a few quid from that. Album out Friday and what I’ve heard to date is good, almost Walkmen good.


Yeah that Black Out track is Heaven-levels of beautiful. His voice is so weird, so transportive, so great. Can’t wait for a full album of this.


Decent enough review but no mention of the last track ? (Which is reet gorgeous)




1000 times is this

listening to the rest of the album now


I don’t think i’ll ever tire of his voice. Sounding particularly good. I loved Black Hours when it came out but haven’t listened much since. Need to delve into it again but can see the tunes on this new album sticking with me


How do we only have 5 replies here? This is seriously album of the year territory for me. V similar in places to the last Vampire Weekend album musically. I’ve always thought that sounded beautiful but been unable to take the reedy frontman’s wimpy vocals - so having a TITAN like Hamilton up front is Christmas for me.

And Hamilton’s unreal here - everything you want from him. Screams, croons, lyrics about walking the streets of New York, about Winter coming, letters he’ll never send, etc.

A million times better than his solo album, and right up there with Walkmen. Listen to it, you won’t be disappointed.


This excites me. That album is an utter treat and is ageing beautifully. Only know the rat by the Walkmen (I know…) so I guess I should get this then go from there?


You SHOULD be excited. Wonderful, misty, romantic and heartbroken New York music here.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned in thread but Rostam is a former member of Vampire Weekend who seems to be credited with the DNA of their ‘sound’ (which I like a great deal).

And yes - check this and see how you go. The Walkmen rightly got a lot of attention with their one BANGER but actually found their muse in a darker, more subtle and atmospheric sound best expressed sadly on their 2008 classic You & Me or joyously on their final album Heaven.

Makes sense to first experience Hamilton L on an album whose sound you’re likely to appreciate first, though. Also - this is the perfect time of year for this album and for The Walkmen so I hope you enjoy them.


arrrgh actually hyped now. Thanks dude, gonna get on this next week


In a Black Out is one of the best tunes of the year. Such a good vocal performance and the latter third of the song reminds me of VW’s Ya Hey, which was probably one of that bands most interesting tunes.


Been thinking the same thing. Top three for me this year, I was a big fan of The Walkmen so I’m probably a bit biased but there’s some strong tracks on here, particularly second half of the record.


I absolutely love the Walkmen. I was privileged enough to see them touring Lisbon at the Wedgewood Rooms (fucking Wedgewood Rooms!!!) in Portsmouth. Easily one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

Also saw them at the Forum when touring Heaven (their last UK gig I think?) when Hamilton climbed off the stage and walked through the crowd and out the front. I was near the back at the time and he stopped right in front of me, shook my hand, and said “thanks for coming out tonight” (he was doing it to quite a few people tbf). Absolute highlight of my gig going career!

He’s easily on of my favourite singers he has such a range but is best for me when he’s giving it some. This vocal performance on In the New Year is amazing


I’m psyched for the new album with Rostam. Waiting for it’s delivery next week. 1000 times is just brilliant…there’s loads going on musically in that tune and Ham shows off his range. The melody gets stuck in your head…my kids sing it all the time!


Yep - finding myself singing/humming so much of this album - it’s wonderful.


Actually a bit jealous that you are about to discover the walkmen for the first time, one of my favourite bands ever. As said above You and Me and Heaven are both superb. In my opinion you could do a lot worse than starting with Heaven and making your way backwards through their back catalogue. Literally don’t have a bad album and the later stuff will be a gentle introduction to their rawer earlier albums


Does anyone have any spare tix for the Hoxton Hall show week after next?


Ps The Walkmen. A happy collision of brilliant musicians making exceptional music. Wish I was discovering them fort the first time again!


Just listened this for the first time. Much better then I could have ever expected. Easily as good as Heaven in my opinion but not quite Lisbon level.

Following Hamilton Leithauser career is a real joy. You can really see him growing into his skin. From the existential angst of early walkmen he now seems so relaxed and happy in himself.


resisted for a long time (i don’t even know why) but this is gold. “A 1000 Times” is one of my top tracks of 2016


This is just getting better and better with each listen.