Hammock are releasing a remastered version of "Raising Your Voice..." with loads of extra new tracks


Amazing, amazing album.


Yup, love the title track in particular.
Jords, have you heard Slow Meadow’s S/T debut from last year? Was on Hammock’s label (and they collaborated on the first track. In my top 5 of last year.


Been listening to this loads this week - lovely stuff…

In addition to the albums that I’ve mentioned previously that it reminds me of (Wish, Pygmalion, Quique), it’s also been reminding me of Engineers stuff, which is also nice.


@AphexTwinkletoes I still haven’t listened. Hammock’s manager sent me but I forgot to listen - the name might’ve subconsciously put me off. Will check it out.


I think it’s an incredible album. Get on it!


Yeah, the latest really reminds me of early Engineers. A Good Thing!