Hampshire meet in March/April?

v. close to my birthday, so I’m in

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If it’s on the 30/03, we could get the fenino lot in via skype.


I did not have any trees on my head

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oh fuq

Going to need a name to rival them. How about the Fleet Fuckses?

Thread is a hot mess but yes IN pretty much whenever because I live here.

Would suggest Butchers Hook to Unity Brewery Taproom to Hobbit for a pint of blue muck to Bookshop Alehouse to Rockstone for a massive burg to Belgium and Blues capped off by Heartbreakers for cocktails and weird dancing until 4am.

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Sounds amazing. Always wanted to get to Unity, but never had a reason to. And Butcher’s Hook is the best pub eva

My absolute king of nights out would end with us at the Dungeon throwing shapes to Puddle Of Mudd but it’s not there any more. Feel like pure shit just want her back etc.

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@ericVI better be up for this.

Or Soul Cellar (RIP) for their great alternative karaoke night.

Once sang Whip It at karaoke there and a man came and congratulated me for the performance in the street a week later. Reckon it’s what Ed Sheeran feels like ALL THE TIME.


Mate i was at the dungeon every thursday for about 5 years


What would you say are currently the top five pubs in Winchester? I will be taking my Australian girlfriend to see the beautiful English Middle-classness I grew up surrounded by in May but haven’t been there in 5 years and haven’t lived there for 15 so some advice would be very helpful indeed!

Overdraft for sludge beers and tacos
The Fulflood is hands down my favourite pub here.
The Queen Inn has a great beer garden and is perfect on a nice day.
The King Alfred
The bishop on the bridge is right next to the river and has a good patio garden. Is a Fuller’s pub so booze is normal range.

Incognito is great for a cocktail, but you have to book.

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Nice one, cheers. Used to live about equal distance from the Railway and the Fulflood so be easy to drop in there for a pint mid tour of my youth. I know where they all are except Overdraft and Incognito so I’ll look them up now!

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Drop into Pi if you fancy pizza. Or Three Joes near the Eclipse for sourdough pizza. Coffeelab have a few coffeeshops around (one on little minster street, one called the square opposite slug and lettuce). Best coffee around. There’s also a little place off Parchment street called Flat Whites which does a decent coffee. Opposite piecaramba, down a little courtyard/alley. There’s also a place on Jewry street call Hoxton Bakehouse which does the best pastries. Coffee is alright in there too.

Need anything else, just shout.



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I’m going down o Southampton to attend that MC Lars gig with my llittle sister and visit my family.
Would probably be up for a pre or post gig booze with some DiSers.

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Great thanks mate. Really appreciate those pointers. I’m sure I will have more questions about modern day Winchester to enquire if you over the next couple of months!

Might set one up in Glasgow on the same night and get involved.

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