Hampshire meet in March/April?




That is a Sunday and St Patrick’s!!!


Oh fuck that, 16th then


I think we’re in Southampton on the weekend of the 30th, so that’s the only way we’ll be there.


I’ve only got one question, eric:

where the fuck is Hampshire?


Not far from France, quite far from Scotland


Sounds shit. Ahm oot.


could :bike: down to this i suppose


He lives in Hampshire, identifies as Surrey though.


Well up for this, but March is a bust, mainly because of money and maternity leave.

Maybe the 30/03


Joiners listings:

16th - PLASTIC MERMAIDS (bedroom pop)
23rd - PLACEHOLER (metalcore)
30th - MC LARS (post-punk laptop rap and lit-hop)
6th April - STAND ATLANTIC (aussie pop punk)


ah i love the joiners



how ironic


look me ages to work out plastic mermaids wasn’t some weird thing about mike and I :joy:


Not my choice, but that MC Lars gig is actually why my wife wants to visit her family in Southampton that weekend.

  • Joiners
  • Wedgie Rooms
  • The Railway
  • Pyramids
  • Student Union (Soton)
  • Other

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Can’t actually make this date, but if MC Lars is playing, my wife will prob be there.


Seems MC Lars is a real wife’s man


Wedge is comfortably the best venue even when you deduct points for it being in portsmouth


I have been to all of these.

The Mars Volta at the Wedge is still the best gig I have ever been to. 16 years ago :joy: