Hampshire meet in March/April?


Easily. Love the joiners, but the wedge is the best


The railway in Winchester?


I’m technically Hampshire now


I have played more gigs there than any other venue, actually halfway thinking of putting on a gig with loads of bands from college


Are you 16?


Getting the lads back together for ONE MORE SHOW!!!


Gonna text all the musicians you know and start a superband?




Shame. I may have come to that show


Anyway, gonna check the calendar when I’m home about my availability for the 30/03




Trains are total balls from @ttf’s way to Southampton though


Pyramids is a good venue actually, seen some of the true greats there. Idlewild, mudvayne, fenix tx… i could go on.


Was a good venue. Not so much now


Finch, you say?


Yes! That gig was mental. Oh were fenix tx supporting maybe?


there was a good support but I can’t remember who

Hundred Reasons 2002?


Second worst band ever after A New Found Glory



Also saw my vitriol there and som kept throwing a strop about the sound and walking off stage


They covered nirvana as I recall