Hampshire meet in March/April?


My partner was at this




Might not have been right but you can’t argue with that line of reasoning.




you lot were/are a bunch of fucking greebos aren’t/weren’t you.


“Sumtimes” was going to be my second guess.


What gave it away?



I’ve made a lot of questionable musical decisions in my time but at least I can proudly say, hand on heart, that at least I never fucking liked Oasis.


team Blur innit.


Kula Shaker, actually


have a really strong urge to hear that pronounced in a scottish accent rn.


Cant fucking stand Blur, Oasis win by default.




Joiners: played there with a couple of different bands and saw Test Icicles there with MC Lars as support

Pyramids: saw The Rakes there, drank a lot of kronenberg

The Railway: played there in Tom Whyman’s band

we should meet in Winch cos it’s small and the pubs are lovely


Mine was this (I think)


I saw this tour at Manchester Apollo.

It was not that good.


I think I seriously considered going to this tbh


Love deftones but ive never really seen them play a good show


I don’t even really like Deftones, and definitely not that era Deftones