Hampshire meet in March/April?


Good sludge pub here now.


deets pls


Saw Klaxons there twice :grimacing: (once on a NME tour thing, and once supported by Chrome Hoof), The Young Knives (supported by ESA favs Blood Red Shoes and Bombay Bicycle Club still in their GCSE years). Christ, can’t remember who else


I saw them touring Around The Fur at Newcastle Riverside in 1998(?) and really enjoyed it, but I somehow ended up pulling a hot girl while they played Be Quiet and Drive so I don’t think my fond memory is totally based on the music.


Overdraft on Jewery Street, couple of doors down from Spoons. There’s one in Shirley and they opened in Winchester last year maybe. Quite nice, regularly rotating beers


saw them at the barrowlands and they were pretty good

/ i was hammered and loving it


That seems ill-advised. Shall we stop for a beer at… hmmm… on second thought, i’m broke


Ha ha ha, so called as the one in Shirley is in an old bank

Isn’t too unreasonable £3.80-4 a pint of cask and a fiver for sludge, generally


Fiver for sludge, not unreasonable. What have we become? My sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away in the end.


30/03 is a goer for me, just may not have any cash!


You are two mediocre football teams who hate each other. You are the New Forest, which, to be fair, is quite nice. Are you the Isle Of Wight? Technically, I think so. You are a whole bunch of towns like Fleet and Aldershot and Farnham and Farnborough. You are Portchester Castle. You are sandwiched between Dorset and Sussex and might well be a Fiendish Single on AQOS if the question was “A county on the south coast of England”. You are Fred Dinenage presenting the news. You are not an island. Except for the Isle of Wight.


think this was the first time i saw BSP



Only good thing about Southampton is it can’t go on forever


This was mine

Followed very quickly by this one…


Ok back to meet chat now guys

6th april fleet services, burger king and mcdonalds both available


v. close to my birthday, so I’m in


If it’s on the 30/03, we could get the fenino lot in via skype.


I did not have any trees on my head


oh fuq


Going to need a name to rival them. How about the Fleet Fuckses?