Hand audit

Mine are quite dry and gross at the moment

  • blisters from bad drumstick technique on ring and middle finger of left hand
  • cut from over enthusiastic drumming on knuckle of index finger of left hand
  • scratch from cat on right hand
  • burn just below thumb on right hand. It opened yesterday and was all weepy and it looks like it’s getting worse tbh

Edit: ‘PAID’ stamp from a gig on SATURDAY that hadn’t quite washed off still on right hand


Tell you what, was gonna start a hand thread yesterday

then remembered this

Then discovered that HAND THING is no longer online :cry:

Not sure why Shaye Saint John’s videos have been recently taken down 8 years after Eric Fournier’s death.



All in order, though have just ran my right middle finger along the joint of my leg and groin so smells slightly smeggy.

  • very skinny fingers - someone at school told me he was grossed out by them and I’ve been a little self conscious of them ever since

  • solid callouses on left hand thanks to guitar playing

  • scars on 1st finger of left hand from when my finger got shut in a big heavy door

  • quite dry rn thanks to dry cold weather

¡No mi gusta!


Iiiiiiiiii knew it!

guys can we do a feet (or maybe just heel) audit later.

because my heals are DISTURBINGLY cracked.

like this but worse I reckon.

Warning, this is a sickening picture:

hands are dry too but it’s my heels I’m worried about.

also I stareted picking at it while reading in bed last night which was pretty disgust.

Absolutely hideous.

Palms are clammy, covered in calluses and torn skin. Top side has a couple of cuts and scrapes and the knuckles have heberden nodes on them. The nails are all bitten too.

Were a little dry earlier but I used some hand cream and we’re all good. Thanks for asking.

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in the cold weather the tips of my fingers go really hard, it’s a bit odd

Does anyone else like it when you shake a woman’s hand and they’re like “oh sorry I’ve just put some hand cream on” and you reply “oh don’t worry, it’s nice” and rub your hands together?

Hand pervert


completely innocuous and you get some free hand cream

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Mom’s Spagammy


Should do this even when there’s no hand cream and they haven’t mentioned it.

I have never been in this situation