Hand audit

Anyone else sneeze into their hand and tell people they’ve “just put some cream on”?

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When i say that I’m normally trying to get out of shaking hands because it’s gross and i hate it

Although it’s generally true because i have always just put hand cream on

My heels are pretty disgusting right now too… what are you meant to do for cracked heels? Moisturise?

Hands suffering minor winter dryness which is no worry, but I am a bit concerned because they are starting to really hurt when they get cold, like in the joints, so that is probably arthritis or the first sign that they are falling off or something.

ffs @mods

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You’re getting proper climbing hands these days!

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disproportionately small to my 6ft 7 physique

This is really making me sad

ITT: A lot of perverts

My hands are generally pretty gnarly. As these photos demonstrate, I currently have a bad case of synovitis in two knuckles on my right hand which I am getting steroid injections for tomorrow to fix. I think this will be very unpleasant while it happens but absolutely needs to be sorted.

Jeez, those knuckles. They look like the TV’s when she broke hers.


(yeah i have a coffee and a coke on the go)

It’s absolutely agony if I knock them lightly on something, and I can’t really make a fist, but they feel fine to climb on. Bricking it about tomorrow tbh - the doctor described is as “quite an uncomfortable procedure” and I dislike needles at the best of times :grimacing:

Ah mate. I’m sure any pain or discomfort will be brief. You could try looking away and pretending you’re deadhanging on a crimp and you need to tough it out.

Good luck man!

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an almost healed scab on my middle finger (right hand). Nothing else to report, although I’m disconcerted by the fact my wedding ring could slip off at any moment (it hasn’t yet) due to looseness.

I’ve got really nice hands. Good skin in general


Doping prick


Hands are good because of a lifetime of idleness, plus the daily application of hand cream, and spf50, so they are soft and flawless like a wee baby’s. My nails however are a total disgrace.

do people still get little fish to eat the dead bits of their feet? you don’t seem to see that anymore.

that’s what I need.