• Left handed
  • Right handed
  • Genuinely ambidextrous

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Right handed but iron and cut things left handed.

thought you would be left-handed for some reason

My dad is sinister, but plays right handed, says he recons it’s eaiser as his left hand does all the intricate work. His Spanish guitar lessons didn’t end up going very far.


I’m right handed and tried it left handed once and it was the impossible horrible thing ever. Feels so unnatural trying to strum left handed.

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Left handed list full of legends as expected


Definitely think the drivers for which han we use aren’t thay hard to overcome, wih practice.

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Yeah I’ve probably just forgotten how unnatural it felt

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most left-handed people play guitar right-handed I think


might be talking out of my arse but I feel like handedness is not a binary and some people are more strongerly handed than others.

I think I’m about 185% left handed

  • I’m a right handed bore jealous of left handers

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I do this if I’m playing somebody else’s guitar, it’s a lot easier than trying to play it the correct way it was intended

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I’m right-dominant, but I can swap to my left for a lot of things. Used to practice drawing and writing with my left when I was young but fell out of the habit. Nowadays I’d say I was equally cack-handed whichever I’m using. My day is spent inexplicably dropping things and panic-catching them.

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The alarmingly disproportionate injury and death statistics stemming from being left handed kind of voids any jealousy I’d think.

Honk if you’re handed

  • Honk
  • Honk Honk

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Hey, I’m honking here

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I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous!!!