Hands down the best readily-available UK loaf


It’s the perfect toaster.

Only a literal scrotum would disagree.

End of thread.


Warbutons toastie for me please


What are the seven seeds?


Jacksons white bloomer



This, but seeded. Although this is a good loaf too.


Never seen this.


Waitrose my man.


Kind of agree but with the green version and Bergen soya linseed for variety.


Wouldn’t piss on a Waitrose if it was on fire, mate.

Booths, for the lads.


They don’t have a Waitrose in The Gorbals.


I can cover this one…



Doesn’t exist south of the A54, so Waitrose all the way for us Southern softies


Shit. I’ll post you a loaf


Oooh! So close!


Thick cut.


I don’t buy bread with visible brands, so I can’t take part in this thread


Don’t really buy bread, can I have some indie points pls?

Edit: I don’t bake it or anything, just don’t eat many slices of bread


That’s my grindr bio


No, just sympathy.

Bread is great - especially toast.


100% agree but we’ve had to switch to hovis granary coz the tv doesn’t like seed sensations. not saying it’s gonna be the end of us but i’m not happy about it.