Hands (hand thread)


Everyone’s been talking about the dryness of their hand skin. I thought mine were fine but I checked just now and it’s really dry. Wbu?

Hand audit

I’m experimenting with washing mine in cold water only to avoid them going wintry. I’m convinced, for no real reason, that hot water is bad for them, and skin in general. Good results so far.



I’m the opposite. Clammy, greasy palms all the way, causing me massive shame and embarrassment whenever anyone picks up on it. I’m trying to own it and accept that it’s just some moisture on my skin, but it’s a challenge.


You do know it’s just water (and soap) in general though, right?

Edit: yeah I get very dry winter hands as well :wave:


i would say i have the driest hands in the world


Mine are ok because I put hand cream on all the time


Mine are horrendously dry because I rarely remember to put hand cream on. My knuckles keep cracking and bleeding, rather annoying.


Hate dry hands, I use this https://www.cowshedonline.com/cow-pat-hand-cream-50-ml.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImf-tue_t1wIVLbHtCh1GcwYnEAQYASABEgJ7A_D_BwE which is so good, my hands get so so dry and this really helps


my hands are top. but both my mum and my sister have dry hands. I’m v. lucky in the hands department, my hands are brilliant.


Jesus I’ve got big hands sub thread

it’s almost twice as big as a guitar


I have one finger that gets itchy, inflamed, cracked and peeled. reckon it must be hundreds of years old in terms of skin regenerations. doctor said to avoid soap, easier said than done


I have tiny hands, always difficult finding gloves small enough (adult sizes too big, kids sizes always tiny), which is a pain as they are near constantly cold. All around not very pleased with my hands.


Compare your hands to mine :smiley:


Dry as fuck
Lips also dry as fuck



seeing a hand without a thumb just set me off laughing hysterically.
mine’s nine inches from thumb to pinky when i stretch, what’s yrs?.


actually maybe it’s just photos of hands that are making me laugh.


there’s a fella i work with who has to have his work gloves hand made cause his hands are so big, they’re terrifying.

i’m going to see if i can convince him to take a photo of them if he’s there tomorrow