Handshaking [Poll]

  • I dont really shake hands, bit tory tbh
  • Only at work/in a professional setting etc.
  • Shake hands with new people, some friends/family
  • I shake hands at every opportunity

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Love to hear your thoughts on this


Can we all stop touching each other, please?


Massive irk that men will tend to shake hands with other men when meeting in social situations but not with women.



How do you feel about it

  • It’s a bit shit, outdated
  • Eh whatever, it’s fine
  • Nice thing to do
  • An absolute necessity! A question of one’s honour!! Did you know that handshaking began as…

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How’s your shake

  • Limp
  • Mild
  • Decent
  • Iron Grip

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playing football entails way more handshaking than I would normally go for. as a socialist, I much prefer hugs.


generally just wait for the other person to offer their hand and follow suit

used to always shake my dads hand though but found it really depressing so went in for the hug on him once, now we usually do the awkward hug instead


Shook my dad’s hand once, still cringing about it now


Oh yeah, forgot I have to shake hands with everyone at the end of every hockey match. You can tell how angry an opponent is by how hard they squash your fingers.


I was just gonna say that shaking hands with dudes feels a bit Tory, but shaking hands with newly met non-dudes feels quite progressive.


hockey is such an angry sport. makes me want to put on shinpads right now just thinking about it.


Incandenza Uses Male Privilege To Touch Women In Shock Confession


As an introverted socialist I prefer a polite nod.


I quite like pushing a friend’s hand away and shaking my head, before going in for a proper hug.


I find that women think I’m odd when I shake hands with them rather than go for a hug/air kiss. I think the latter is hugely presumptuous, and that a good handshake is a far safer bet, but it always gets odd reactions.


I would hug every time, but men ruined that forever. thanks men, ffs.


It’s really, really not. Not compared to football anyway. Non contact and any violence is a big no no.

Regarding not shaking woman’s hands, it’s one of the only times I’ve called someone out on sexism - was standing with a group of guys and another guy(a close friend of mine) turned up and shook each man’s hand but not mine like way to go making me feel like a lower class.


Should be replaced with fist bumps