Hanging baskets 2018

Got a hanging basket this weekend. Filled it with purple and white violas.

Hows about you?

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ahaha, equals sign

no, but we have hooks for them

Sun’s out

Get in the game. Had to get the bracket as well. Went conical basket. Cheers.

might get an air plant

actually reckon i could get on board with this little venture. what sort of maintenance overheads am i looking at?

Air plants ( Tillandsia spp.) are from Mexico and South America. They are so-named because they use their short, wiry roots to attach themselves to branches, cliff-faces, even electricity and telephone lines, rather than rooting in soil.

They need to be watered often and I think you are supposed to cut the heads off the dead flowers and… well that’s all I’m going to do.

Oh and it cost me just short of £30 to rig the whole mother up.

Can I get involved if I have a window box?

The missus got one with red tomato plants, and another with yellow tomato plants over the weekend. Now she just needs to remember to water them…

Go on then. As long as you hang them off your balcony on a chain.

hmmm, might just bung a few yellow things in the overgrown weed pots and call a decent enough job

When Mrs F was renting a ground floor flat a few years back I got the drill out and put a couple of hanging basket brackets either side of the front door for her. She put loads of stuff in it, flowers, tomatoes, strawberries…

A few weeks after we moved out, the upstairs neighbours returned the brackets to us.

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Hadn’t considered doing toms. First year we aren’t doing the fickle pricks.

strikes me as something only old people and pub landlords do

Managed to catch it in the back of a photo here (obviosuly needs to grow a bit)


and look, here’s the Minky!



Your negativity shames us all.

but why suspend greenery and flowers to a silly level, where fewer people get to appreciate them?

Is it something to do with bees?

Got a few about three weeks ago. the BURMA hung one (begonia and ferns at the front of the house (no ladder required) and the ones for the back (petunias and violas and pansies) are currently sitting looking pretty on the front steps. I may not even bother hanging them out the back as they look so lovely.

I also have lots of left over baskets and compost and I fancy planting something lovely- need some inspo though.