Hanging washing out in winter


Saw my neighbours are doing this. Bit weird? Fine?


there’s a thread for this, it’s fine if they want to

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It’s fine if you don’t mind your washing not drying.


Did it about 2 weeks ago when it was c. 15 degrees out there. Hung it out at 8am - brought it in at 7pm. It was all still damp.

Now the temperature’s below 10 nothing’s gonna be drying. Nothing.


A fool’s errand.


It might get the worst of it off if it is sopping wet, maybe. But it will be really cold and still damp even if the sun is blazing down on it.


On a sunny, windy but cold day, it should still dry (I think), depending on what’s on the line. Bedsheets would be okay I reckon.


Too cold. It’ll just go damp.

Luckily for me I have:


The other day? There was quite a sunny spell the other day that dried my washing in a few hours. It’s not quite Winter WINTER yet is it?

If you mean actual Winter like a frosty January day then I think that’s a little weird. But a sunny November afternoon…? That’s ok


Saw a thread on Mumsnet AIBU about this just this morning! Getting addicted to that bizarre car crash of a forum.

General mumsie consensus was that if it was windy it’s fine.

Mums are mental.


Yeah, if it’s windy it will dry.

Don’t have a washing line or a tumble drier so our two humble Wilko airers are gonna be doing overtime until April now, unless we move sharpish.


I mean today, it’s like 3 Celsius w no breeze


Most of our neighbours are small children or their parents


Did it yesterday in the sun, everything dried apart from one pair of jeans. 10 minutes on the radiator, job done.


How is Theo as a house guest?


Great, he’s more than happy to trot off to the pub when he needs a shit.


My one us very similar to that, the clips are misaligned so it doesn’t set up properly (though sturdy enough) and after three uses it trips the mains and lighting fuse box thing


That looks amazing, does it work well? I’m using drying washing as an excuse to have the heating cranked right up at the moment


Our current washing machine has a 1600RPM spin and our flat is really warm and dry so washing drying indoors isn’t a problem.

Will be sad to see the back of 1600RPM when we finally get a new kitchen put in and we have to get a substandard machine in order to have it fitted.