Hangover thread (rolling)

A thread in which to post when you are hungover. General hangover chat is also encouraged.

This is not a space for smugness so please refrain from talking about not being hungover in this thread. Breaking these rules will have dire consequences.

I stayed sober all weekend and then got drunk last night and want to die.

Worst part of the hangover for me is waking up around 4 in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep, mind racing and being extremely warm.

I’m going to keep some night nurse by the bed and have a swig of it next time it happens.


Yeah woke up at 6 today and had horrible breath / head combo. Awful business.

Did a box of beers in on a work night like a donkey. Suffering now.

Any tips beyond my usually reliable ten point plan…?

  • Force myself out of bed
  • Big shite
  • Cold face wash
  • Walk
  • Long shower
  • Couple of brews
  • Lots of cold fluids
  • Big plate of stodge
  • Get on the crisps and orange Lucozade
  • Power nap

Just checking in

Dont eat stodge or crisps! Its tempting when hungover but if you eat well it energizes you.

Sainsburys used to do a superfood salad from Fit Kitchen (which they changed and is now rubbish) but it used to be a real relief

Fucking DYING lads.

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rocking a mild one, but enough to totally destroy all motivation for the day

Recently I’ve found minty chewing gum a nice freshener, clears out the gross mouth feeling and clears out the cobwebs temporarily,

Not really had a proper, weapons grade hangover since lockdown began. I don’t miss them

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Every now and then when I haven’t had a hangover for a while, I think it would be nice to loll about. Then a terrible one happens and all I want is the sweet release of death.

No no no no.

Drunk enough beer and cider (plus a few random G&T’s) yesterday to kill a Highland Yak. Every muscle aches and I feel as though I’ve been hit by a bus. Don’t think I’ll be doing much today apart from yawning and slobbering about on DIS.

It was a great Saturday though :partying_face:

Fuck everything.