Tell me about your best/worst ones
Tell me about your cures
Tell me what makes them worse/better
Tell me


They’re all fucking terrible these days.
Being sick early doors helps out no end.
Lots of coffee and then spicy food once everthing’s settled down a bit.

Godspeed NV!


I find coconut water (from the coconut, not from container) is the best hangover cure EVER


can not stand them at all anymore.

First terrible one: underage, after not getting any alcohol through the usual means, we had to raid a mate’s nan’s store cupboard. We found some weird and strong spirit. I spent the next day retching and boking up only green bile until about 6pm.


Worst was after the Bangface festival when, two days in, I got to the stage where I thought I would never feel normal again. Phoned NHS Direct and everything.

Best was on the morning of my cousin’s wedding when I was still very drunk and had to get a taxi with my sister (in the same boat as me) and mother (not impressed) where I insisted the driver played drum ‘n’ bass. I can confirm that being hungover at a wedding is brilliant because there is a lot more to drink to deal with it.


another time, the day after a wedding I got a lift with (a now ex) girlfriend. My body was making all sorts of loud a strange noises (not guffs) as I fought it (pretending that I didn’t have a hang over) to stop it boking all over the back seat. That was a tough drive.

  • Food that isn’t all greasy shit. Tempting to be lazy when you have a hangover but I find it’s better to have a balanced day with fruit and veg.
  • Tablets that contain Paracetomal, Aspirin, Caffeine.
  • Some mates swear by Dioralyte but I found it does nothing for me.

Main thing that annoys me is the troubled sleep alcohol forces on you. When I’ve been drinking I can only ever sleep for around 4 hours during the night. No idea how to deal with that.

My worst hangovers are all Megabus related. It’s not a place you want to be in that state.


Worst was in uni in Cardiff: went to Clwb, drank SA all night, danced all night, went home, collapsed on my bed without any water, woke up the next morning feeling like I’d contracted meningitis or something.

These days, if I’m hungover I’ll either be in work or in charge of children, so the only cure is to drink plenty of water, take some paracetamol, have a shower and tough it out until about 7pm. Then do nothing in front of the TV all evening and go to bed at 10.


Yes. I can deal with the nausea / headache early on by eating well, drinking water and taking painkillers. It’s that gnawing tiredness that lingers all day - that’s as bad as anything.


I’ve ended up in this awful spot where if I drink 4 - 6 beers I’ll generally feel AWFUL and sick in the morning, but if I drink 10 - 14 beers I’ll wake up feeling drunk thus fine (not to mention I’ve just drunk a liver-pickling amount of beer)… but then will feel anxious and restless for DAYS. I don’t enjoy drinking less than 4 drinks, what do I do?

I should probably quit shouldn’t I


Worst was cheap red wine/sangria followed by whatever the fuck I had at the union after. Only time I’ve ever been so hungover I could barely move. Had to get measured for a rental kilt at 12 the next day, then went back home and started throwing up. Had a very posh birthday party to attend that evening (hence the kilt), and me and my two other suffering mates sat in the darkest corner we could find and nursed a single drink all night until it was acceptable to leave. Awful.

These days I manage alright if I stick to spirits. It’s beer that absolutely ruins my guts/arsehole the next day. I can just about cope with the other symptoms.


Different types depending on what I’ve drunk. Usually drink eber to be honest so just feel sludgey the next day. It’s the tiredness that ruins me though. If I’ve been out, I’ll usually only get a max of 6 hours sleep, which when it’s booze sleep doesn’t help. Wake up the next day just drained


I get the troubled sleep thing too. Wake up at 6 and can’t turn back in. So annoying because a) harr harr you drank loads what do you mean you can’t sleep and b) it feels like a long snooze would knock the most unpleasant after-effects out.


worst was the big MDMA/vodka hangover of 2012. was really anxious and sick for like a week after that.


I’m usually ok, some painkillers and distracting myself by doing something mindless like cleaning the house usually do the trick. Probably because I worked in cafes and restaurants in my youth, and so would always have to do loads of cleaning/food prep on a saturday morning, so I think it’s like an autopilot thing.

Only terrible one I can remember in recent years was a friend had a Christmas party, and brought out a big bottle of Becherovka. It’s a czech drink that’s like a nicer Jägermeister. Good with ginger ale as a mixer. Turns out me and the host were the only people who liked it, so we somehow drank the whole litre ourselves, and wished we were dead for the next two days.

(The last time I had a bottle of Becherovka myself at home, I accidentally knocked it off the shelf and spilled it all over the kitchen floor. I cleaned up and washed the floor, and went away for three days. When I came back, it still smelt like Santa had been on the lash- a weird mix of stale booze pub smell + gingerbread spices)


Had a work party once where I drank four 9% beers then two bottles of wine. Spent the whole of the next day hurling every 20 minutes on the dot - couldn’t even keep water down or move really. It was AWFUL.

Normally forget to take paracetamol before bed so tend to find eggs in the morning works out. Also watching Airplane and Wayne’s World on repeat under a duvet.


I like it. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I’m secretly Czech. People in Dresden thought I was Czech because I have a noticeable Austrian accent in German, and kept wanting to practice their tourist Czech on me, and being disappointed when I couldn’t help them.

Unicum is even worse. That stuff is terrible. Good bottle though.


Lay on the bathroom floor of my grandmas about 3 years ago and physically couldn’t move. Thought my eye was going to burst as it was that painful.

Hangovers at the moment are some dull constant headache rather than horrendous pain. My knees have started to fucking kill if I’m at work sitting down though, like someones stabbing them with knitting needles.


Do you speak German? They have a hilarious accent there that sounds like a Brummie speaking German, but with all the k/g and b/p sounds swapped. Germans think it’s funny too. Like I was there to do some school workshops, and had a load of biscuits from the UK because the school requested a “tea party”. The kids were raving about the “Gustard Greens”.

I was really impressed by Dresden, especially Dresden Neustadt, just a really nice feel to the place, lots of space. I went to a photo exhibition of a guy who lived there in the 80s in the DDR days who took loads of photos of his life and neighbours. http://www.neustadt-ticker.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/1991-10-01-kohlenkipp-starke.jpg

Also love that Everyday Life in the DDR museum in Radebeul just outside Dresden. Although the food in the cafe is worryingly historically authentic too.


Only cure for me is rest. Sleep it off as long as possible. The fewer hours of sleep I have the worse I am.

Junk food, cups of sugary tea and lying on the couch watching sitcoms also help.

Always sick on the night. Never puked during a hangover.