Hank Scorpio mystery SOLVED:

been pondering this for a while?

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it is definitely the funnier interpretation, Homer remembering something similar happening before is not particularly funny, Homer being so absent minded that he would forget that what he had seen had only just happened is pretty funny

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Nah, completely labours the joke

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I see it as a slightly different take on the ‘hello mr thompson’/‘have you seen my friend bill’ aspect of Homer’s character, much better than the idea Homer has been on so many wacky adventures he has seen the shoe thing before


It’s not the sa-

Nah, sod it. Not getting into this.

its not exactly the same, but a similar kind of thing, Homer just not being with it

Have a lovely evening!


It’s not even a joke unless he’s referring to what just happened.

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This is kinda beside the point though cos it’s not funny regardless

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Not sure the simpsons has ever been funny

Here they are

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:smiley: alright alright I’m going

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That’s all I can find. Interesting to see it discussed without much fuss.

I can see both sides to this, TBH.

If he means what he just saw I agree with @TTF’s view that it shows he’s so dozy he missed it.

OTOH no one ever said goodbye to a shoe so Homer saying that is automatically funny because obviously no one should have ever witnessed it.

I have to go with @ericVI though.

It was improvised guys

And the actor says he meant it as in homer’s commenting on what just happened, but admits its funnier the other way

now shut up

Vindicated! (Except for the other way being funnier part)

Mate this is literally all in the OP.


can we just close this sorry thread

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Glad I wasn’t going mad there.

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