Scooby beater!


How about… Ghost Mutt?


Used to call my brother goober after this guy (his name starts with a g) and he HATED it. Also called my other brother (Adam) Prince Adam and shout “I HAVE THE POWER” or “BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL” at him sometimes and he hated that so much too, i was such a bad big sister

Used to think that they were two women and was sad when I found out they were two men, but I don’t mind because they made Tom and Jerry which is the best cartoon in the world, I adore it so much, even more than the Simpsons. It’s something that everyone in my family including my parents loved and we would watch episodes together again and again. It’s also so funny, I love how they repeat certain gags (like Tom putting on an accent and face and his little I love you speech to girls or Spike the jackass/sucker) and the street cats and that cat concerto episode that apparently Warner bros ripped off (the Tom and Jerry one was way better) where little things like Tom playing a high note by stretching the fuck out of his little finger is so funny. Idk it’s probably not normal to be this enthusiastic about a cartoon but I honestly love it so so so much

Only the ones where Tom looks like this though, the other animation styles I can’t even look at let alone watch


tom and jerry is so good <3


Anyone seen Harvey Birdman? Love that show.


Tom and Jerry is magnificent up until the point where Chuck Jones got hold of them.


I used to watch T&J loads as a kid we must have had a couple of VHS tapes or something, I remember a really good one where someone left the tap running and the house got flooded and then froze and they went ice skating on it or something.


That’s a great one!


I remember when I got old enough to realise these cartoons weren’t created by two women called Hannah and Barbara.


Yes - I have many happy memories of Tom and Jerry - my grampy loved it and would always put it on


I used to love when they showed that one which started off with “the night before christmas” on xmas eve.


We had that tape too - loved Jerry’s Bodyguard and The Cat Concerto.


They also did a bunch of cool psychedelic, garage band, and soul group records in the 1960s. Here’s one of the weirdest of them.


It’s mad how few episodes of some of the stonecold classics were actually made - Top Cat and Wacky Races, etc.

Recently been rewatching the Flintstones from the start, and it never dawned on me how Groening completely ripped it off with the Simpsons. Virtually a remake.


Simpsons was also the 1st cartoon series to air on american primetime since the flintstones