Hannah Gadsby - Nanette (stand up special on Netflix)

Anyone watched this?

My ignorance meant that I hadn’t heard of her before.

Not sure what I was expecting; perhaps a few jokes and watch it with a smile on my face as I didn’t know what to expect. She certainly is very smart, warm and funny.

What I got was a simply one of the most stunning, powerful, moving and brave performances I’ve seen for a long long time. The phrase “a must watch” is overused. This special is a must watch,

Please watch. It’s stunning.


It is. I haven’t seen anything close to this before. It’s amazing.

Like everyone, I’m intrigued as to what she does next. I hope we see her back on screen and stage very soon. I completely understand and respect her wish to step out of comedy for a while but she has such a strong, positive and quite rightly angry message for everyone and I hope it’s not too long before she’s back.

Thank you, Hannah. Your performance was the best I’ve seen since I can remember.


Saw her perform it at the Soho Theatre last year and it left me shell shocked. So good.

Really hope more people get into Please Like Me after this too, possibly the most underrated programme of the decade for me.


As it happens I watched the first episode of Please Like Me last night (don’t know who Hannah Gadsby is though).

sounds like my kind of thing, will watch this asap
Please Like Me is kind of a masterpiece & her character in it is great

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I fell in love with Please Like Me over the weekend. All the feels.

Can you give a vibe for someone who’s never heard of her?

Regarding Netflix comedy, my wife and I watched the Ali Wong specials not knowing anything about them and ended up howling with laughter (though lots of it is very baby-centric and might be most relatable for parents).

she won the Perrier jointly with John Robins right?


Despite all the re-branding, everyone still calls it The Perrier Award right?

Not a fan

That was intense.

Didn’t find myself laughing too much before it got going into the main bit but it was always compelling.

Vibe is decent interesting stand-up segues into powerful life story, I guess?

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is the Michelle Wolf thing any good?

This was fantastic. Heartbreaking. Me and my wife in tears long before the end. Thanks for the recommendation


yeah this was really good

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I know who she is now. Yeah not seen anything like it. It was great. (Nearly seen up to the end of season two of Please Like Me as well which is good too… in a more traditional way)


Please Like Me is so good isn’t it? It’s definitely one of my favourite shows in recent memory and i couldn’t agree more that it’s one of the most underrated shows ever.

I completely forgot about Please Like Me being a show I meant to watch. Now that I know Hannah Gadsby is in it (watched Nanette today), it’s definitely at the top of my list.

@jordan_229 — What was it that you didn’t like about it?



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Just finished it, I am of course sobbing my heart out.