Happiest of Fridays

For those of you who have a Friday today, excellent.

I am off to clevedon for a party picnic and wander.

How about you? Big weekend plans?? OIOI etc


Is this pronounced more like cleave-don or clever-don?

First one. Victorian pier, ever so classy.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Today is a happy Friday - the coffee machine at work has been refilled!

Also gonna treat myself to something nice at lunch time and this afternoon is a simulator session.


Morning all!

Restrictions ease today in Scotland. I’m trying to get my work done today so I can brace myself for the multiple family group visits that Wor Lass has decided are essential to our wellbeing.

I’m also going to be mowing the lawn if I get a chance.

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What sort of simulator?

I recorded some demos a few months ago, gonna take them to a producer friend today and look at developing them/adding stuff at some point

Seeing a couple of my session band tour mates tomorrow out in a park, haven’t seen either of them since the end of 2019

Nice to actually have a weekend that involves seeing people, last few months have felt I’ve lost all purpose


Feels like it’s been a really long week. I’m shattered.

Going to power through today as bet I can and maybe have a drink and a pizza tonight.

Weather is decent too.

First full week of work complete!

New job is as interesting as I was hoping!

Been enjoying reading all about nuclear safety in the case of a UK Chernobyl!

It’s the day Scotland frees us from localised restrictions, which means we are going to go and see the sea for the first time in 13 months!

Listening to Jimmy Eat World all week and it’s been immeasurably good!

Drank all my coffee already.


Flashed the windowcleaner earlier. Full frontal, nothing to hide.

Came out of the bathroom to get a clean pair of pants from the chest of drawers and there he was outside the window opposite, waving his big wiper thing. Didn’t even blink.


Morning! It’s so sunny today, its lush. Think I might have fixed the boiler leak problem which has been bothering me all week. Banana on easy mode today:

Please all have a funghi Friday!


Feeling a bit down dunno why, as can do a bit more stuff but cant really be arsed. Might force myself to do somwthing on Sunday.

Got some food from a Carribeanen place and 1l of rum punch.

Got absolutely shit loads of work to do.

What are their vegan options like?

my anxiety regarding a) the virus still being a thing and b) my usual general anxiety about going somewhere and it being too busy, or hard to get parked or whatever, makes me worry about later on

fucks sake why


Hey everyone

Fucking knackering week here. Family worries and problems and yesterday was a bit of a write off with my genius Covid jab after effects plus hangover combo. Went out for my first 2021 pub trip last night but I was feeling pretty rank and the pub didn’t have outside heaters on so it turned into a bit of an endurance test in the end (conditions not company wise)

Slept badly again. Think I need to get out in the sunshine today to regenerate myself. I’m really hoping my son will stay home and hang out with me tonight so I can cook something fun but I’m not holding my breath :weary:

Morning all.

I’m not saying it’s been a quiet week at work but I spent most of it prepping for one meeting and that meeting has been postponed. Bit bored now. I already had enough free time to finish an album that was already finished and now that’s done I’ve got nothing to do. Might work on my live set in the hopes that one day I can trick a room full of people to watch me twiddle some knobs with my eyes closed again. Or maybe just read some comic books. Got Lone Wolf and Cub Vol.1 and the first Gideon Falls book on the to-read pile.

Hope you’re all well.



I’ve got today off work since it’s the last day of the Easter school holidays, and we’re actually leaving Brighton. We’re currently en route to Wakehurst Place, which has some Dennis the Menace thing which will hopefully entertain Jimbo. I’m more looking forward to the lunch at a country pub afterwards


Hi Slicky hope you have a wonderful day and lots of tasty food at your picnic :blush:
What did you end up taking instead of brownies?

I’m in quite a good mood today, after a week of feeling especially anxious and low :tada:

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Fwiw I’ve been forced to emerge from my Howard Hughes-esque cocoon to go out into the wider world twice (!!) this week and I’ve found it much better than normal.

I know (god how I know) that anxiety isn’t rational, but maybe it could help a little to know that someone who’s been full blown agoraphobic in the past is finding it alright.