Happiest of Fridays

The woodpecker is back in the park! Don’t know if I’ll be able to get a snap but I’ll try

we made bird feeders out of old milk cartons (alpro, naturally) and popped bird seed in them. kids immediately wanted them to be over run with birds but, of course, they’re cleverer than that!

so when i went out this morning and there was still bird seed in them i was actually disappointed. might need to see if we need to resite them

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this is good to know frankly. we have plans for the beach/sea this afternoon i think, but are also waiting on a dog mattress delivery so will have to wait and see.

wait and sea


Happy Friday everyone :partying_face:

Going to ask my boss about changing my working hours and having a 3 day weekend. I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I need to have a full day dedicated to the things I really like to do (oreos and videogames).


thank fuck this week is nearly done with. glorious day up here today, might try and finish up sharp and sit in the park.

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Off work. Getting to the pub for 11 and getting shitfaced


Afternoon off for my bday. Off for a haircut and a pub lunch :olive::beer:


I really want to get a burrito bowl delivered to my house but I’m trying to lose weight and ordering from deliveroo feels bad these days. But the Burrito would be banging

Christ I now have a hankering for making my own fried chicken tonight. I can’t be trusted

Happy birthday Rat King!


Thank you! :doughnut:

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I’m on the ferry into the CITY to go SHOPPING and hang out in CAFÉS! What a world.


Happy Birthday :partying_face::tada::gift:

Thank YOU :cake:

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happy birthday @RatKingCole hope you have a lovely day down the pub. And happy haircut. :grinning: :+1:

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Cheers! :shaved_ice:

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Train. It is, of course, a serious part of our training. Just that it’s very craftily disguised as a big laugh crashing into virtual shopping trolleys, etc.

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One of those days where my brain is just laughing in my face at the idea of doing any work

he’d probably say that’s what you were doing too

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They have 2 curries (okra/sweet potato and a chickpea one) and veggie patties and obviously the rice and peas. So decent options wise, as long as it all tastes good.

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