Happy 150th Birthday Canada!



Share your favourite Canada things, or don’t, I don’t mind really :canada:


I have a tiny Canada flag in my bathroom, came from a bacon/banana and peanut butter sandwich that I ate at the Canadian stage at Great Escape festival.

That’s my Canada story






I tried desperately to find him while in Calgary but no dice, pretty much everyone in the city has met him at some point though and can’t say enough nice things about him


:canada: :canada: :canada:

I want to go back there, so badly.



@twentynine tonight


:sweat_smile: I’d never seen that

This always gives me the gooseys :maple_leaf:


I resisted so hard just making this into a Fucked Up thread but you’ve twisted my arm now:




Oh man, I am saving these to watch them all later feat. a bag of cans.


Maple Syrup
The Ordinary skincare line
The Besnard Lakes
The Band
Cowboy Junkies



Haha sorry! I’ve already stuck David Comes to Life… This afternoon’s soundtrack is sorted!

How was Calgary?


as long as you follow it with Hidden World… and Year of the Ox…

Calgary was lovely, had an amazing time, would like to see more now I have a taste for it!


Pretty much got their whole catalogue queued up and might join @Kallgeese on cracking open a can :ok_hand:

Ah ace! I’ve got family on the east coast so I’ve traveled around a bit; visiting places like Halifax and Montreal but I’m hoping to road trip around the west coast someday…

Did you go for donuts at a Tim Horton’s? Kinda gutted that I forgot about the one in Glasgow :rage:


I did not purely because Calgary Tourism were really hot on pushing things that weren’t Tim Hortons :wink:


Neil Young