Happy 15th birthday to my ironing board

Please be emboldened to share or discuss:

  • Anniversaries of ages of inanimate objects you’ve shared lifespace with;
  • Details about that time you did some extreme ironing;
  • Facts and tidbits concerning ferrous materials;
  • What the flattest or most creased thing is;
  • AOB.

After 15 years service I think I’d expect a photo of the entire board to be frank.


I swear there’s a good example I see every day, but I’m surrounded by so many plushies I can’t see the more discreet faces

I prefer to think of it as partnership working.

But here ya go anyhoo

Looks a bit worse for wear, really, now I’ve had cause to consider it. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s had a very easy life of minimal use.


Is the cover also celebrating its 15th birthday today?

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Yep. Full package unchanged for the entirety of it’s life. No Trigger’s broom shenanigans here.

For some reason that’s mildly terrifying

Happy birthday to then both, of course, but I also feel like ironing board covers age in dog years, so maybe it’s time to let that one enjoy a quiet retirement and get the IB a snappy new outfit


The lighting? The place was very dark apart from a harsh light coming from the kitchen behind me when those photos were taken.

Possibly. That’d make me jump walking in the room without the light on I reckon

In other news, my similarly aged ironing board had to go in the big scrapyard in the sky recently, as it turns out you can’t get covers for them anymore as modern ironing boards are apparently massive.

RIP lad


HB TW IB :tada: :partying_face:


That’s a fair assessment.

But y’see that metal mesh that the underlying structure of the flat surface is made up of? It’s shite and annoying. Creates a kind of low-level ghost-sheen of you’re not bang on with the iron temperature. Would need a really thick cover to override that nonsense. Which’d presumably me spongy, and undermine the flattening factor of the whole exercise.

What’s needed is a solid base structure of chipboard or whatever.

Also this thing creaks annoyingly.

Frankly this would be more of a last rites thread than a party, were it not for the fact that I resent the thought of paying a single extra penny towards bloody ironing.

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I like how much your ironing board looks like an alien from the 60s.


Think my parents still have the ironing board they got as a wedding gift. They’ve been married something like 35 years :flushed:

I think I have a clothes horse that just passed its silver jubilee.

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Congrats to Meo’s parents and their I-board, and to richie’s C-horse.

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