Happy 3 month lockdown Evening Thread


Ham and pineapple pizza, homemade

How about you lot?

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I really started this thread to ask an IT question. I’ve recorded my Britain’s Got Talent video for work :face_vomiting: but the video file is too big to send from my iPad email to my work email. How do I get it off my iPad and onto my work computer?



just ate a big calzone


Wetransfer. Or just send it to me and I’ll make sure it gets there.


Just got in for seeing a good pal of mine for the first time in 3 months. Sunburned to fuck now obviously.

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Ordered a takeaway (vgn burger)


Can’t believe I’m spending my evening doing this

  • I’ve sat on the Ikea BRÅTHULT and I liked it
  • I’ve sat on the Ikea BRÅTHULT and I didn’t like it
  • no opinion on this particular sofa

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Had leftover dauphinois for tea, with sausages and tenderstem. 10/10. Got all kinds of sadnesses going on though :frowning:

watching Leicester City Football Club be a bit shit

off for a walk up a hill afterwards

Hope you feel better soon funky :heart:



Got stomach pains and a headache and really remembering now how much I take health for granted, I hate feeling sick so much

you should all sit on more sofas IMO


Are you currently on watermelon one or watermelon two?

looked up an old book on ebay yesterday and sorted ascending by price, as standard. found an absolute bargain, only a quid plus 79p postage? lovely stuff, even cheaper than a charity shop. clicked Buy It Now immediately and paid.

looked at the confirmation email about 10 minutes later and realised i hadn’t bought a book. i had bought a postcard with a picture of the cover of a book on it.



Hello everyone :wave:

It’s definitely not on to complain to the neighbours above me about the noise when it’s so very obviously their joyous toddler making the constant loud thudding? Right? :cry:

  • It is not on

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Lol no. I told four of my worst clinical trial related jokes. Will raffle the video off for charity if anyone wants to see it.