Happy 3 month lockdown Evening Thread

Never judge a book by its postcard

you just need to find some way of turning them against the toddler. tell them you saw the toddler spraying anti 5G graffiti on all the bins


They’re probably as sick of the kid as you are


I feel like I might terrace day on that one, but I have trouble remembering names so I can’t remember if it was one of the good ones or not.

Did kind of go away from that trip thinking I liked the armchairs more, but that is mostly because I like curling up like a cat and don’t need much space for that.

I feel like a terrible person :confused: I know it’s just me being in the flat too much.

I’m dying for an L shaped one

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Your bit terrible, because you recognise that the toddler is just being a toddler. Perfectly reasonable to find the noise annoying and difficult and wish it was happening less.

R keeps stomping around too much when he is upstairs and it sounds like an elephant is about to break through the ceiling, I hate it.

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Alright eternos! Started the day feeling terrible, now I just feel terrible and busy and also a little bit rummy. Lockdown is absolutely destroying months and months of non-drinking for me. Someone has just pulled into our parking area bumping some massive tunes too. Sigh

Eternos being an autocorrect for ‘everyone’ that I didn’t see because of the tape holding my screen together


Don’t feel bad about it, kids can be annoying! The parents are probably annoyed too and it’s their kid!


had this sofa in my last place in London. really uncomfortable.

does look a bit hard. might go for the next one up

This this this - our kid makes loads of noise and it’s generally related to her having a good time, but I was trying to work earlier and she was insistent on showing me some bottle flipping tricks and it was so loud

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Watford 1-0 Arsenal (Bråt Hult, 76)

the long bit at the end serves no purpose other than one person gets to lay their legs out too.

Yeah, they do have many benefits. Is that one that has storage in the chaise bit? I liked the idea for keeping all the many blankets we have in there.

(not that I have a flat yet to be choosing seating for, but I’ve been doing yearly recon trips to ikea so I don’t get caught unprepared)

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Just about to make falafel wraps. Going to make a tomato salsa with red onion and garlic for it and let it soak in oil and balsamic for an hour (we’ll eat after buster goes to bed, hopefully before 9 tonight!)


Sounds like a good purpose to me.

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I didn’t like a L shaped sofa then we bought one massive, massive fan now.

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just causes arguments over who gets the long bit.