Happy 31st September

Hope you all have a blessed day


Not feeling great on this the last day of the week

Put on my sparkly top and swooshy skirt though to raise my spirits so there’s that.


If you mean emotionally or in terms of fatigue, I very much feel the same. But we’ve nearly made it through the week! We can do it!

(If you mean health-wise, hope you feel better!)

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Up early (boo)
to go to Brussels (yay)


My day has been truly #blessed from the start: I opened the fridge to find that a bottle of milk had leaked everywhere inc. veg tray




All three tbh. Got a cough/cold, tired and urghy.

Still sober September was a breeze and means I have broken the Friday wine habit easy.


Don’t cry! you can if you want

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I’ve gone with ‘stomping round the house’ instead

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Thanks, im going to Dundee. Slightly annoyed get a morning train as rules out #trainbeer

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Woah! Back to the island!


I reckon trains should be treated like airports for the purposes of #trainbeers. Any hour is fine.

And you wonder why they won’t let you drive them yet!

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Morning all!

The Child was definitely well enough to go to nursery this morning which makes my day easier. She woke up insisting on wearing a particular hair accessory that she can’t find and I don’t remember so has gone out in floods of tears.

Can’t believe it was 4 years to the day since that My Vitriol album wasn’t released


It’s a turned my back for a minute and Winnie stuck her face in my breakfast bowl and was happily slurping up the milk kind of day.

Avery just said I should just eat it cos I kiss her face… Err that’s not the same

  • Eat it anyway
  • Breakfast is ruined

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Another day of not much.
Take the dog for a walk.
Go for a little pootle on the bike, back via the bakery as its Friday treat day.

Got an apprenticeship review thing for work this afternoon that should take all of 5 minutes

I am still in bed.

Something something Billie Joe Armstrong something

Anyway, running a little late due to kid issues. Need to make it through today and then I’m off until 6pm Monday evening.

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happy Seinfeld on Netflix day!!!

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