Happy 31st September

Hmm doesnt feel right.

I think the thread were I owned up to being responsible for this specific typo is gone now - but just wanted to say that I’m still making the same mistake in my professional life as recently as yesterday.

I had a big old scare when I thought my PC wasn’t turning on properly. I was fearing the worst, but then I double checked all the connections, and somehow the monitor had been turned off. PHEW!

Anyway, the weather’s a bit shit, isn’t it?

Might see if I can get a hair cut this morning, and fingers crossed I’ve got myself put on the guest list for Pins tonight at the green door store

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Lovely dinner with friends last night and only one or two too many glasses of wine.

Hoping to avoid as many of my calls as possible to get through the day, then off to see Ex Easter Island Head at Kings Place later. Lazy weekend planned!

Got a horrible horrible cold

Fuck it


Hello everyone :wave:

It is the first day of 31 days of horror films for me! Think I’m going to ease myself in with Troll 2… though I’m not in the mood for drinking and I feel as though I should be drunk when I watch that film. :thinking: hmmm. DECISIONS DECISIONS.

On holiday next week. Though my tv isn’t able to join me for it so I have no real plans. Going to go visit my parents for a few days I think and then spend the rest of the time doing things around the flat.

Got an old phone stool arriving tomorrow :heart_eyes:


After a particularly shitty branch meeting last night I have, this morning, quit the Labour Party.

I’m marking the occasion by having a delicious breakfast.


Mystery solved - my other half did it while I was out last night :man_facepalming:

Last month report running today. I hate it.

Not ready for Occy yet.

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Morning all and welcome to another grey, drab, rainy day.

Cool floating shelves just got delivered so, in theory, we should be able to finish the decorating of our living room this evening / tomorrow (depending on rawl plug requirements).

Legs are really feeling last nights football., where after a few close attempts over the last couple of weeks, I managed to pull off the “fall over your own feet trying to backpedal” manouever, giving away a tap in opportunity.

Justin Timberlake’s finest film in my opinion.


:muscle:t2: You = :sunglasses:

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The cat was outraged at going to the cattery today. Have always tricked him into the carrier before but he’s finally wised up. Had to hold him down but he’s a slippery one!

Watching Seinfeld as if I’m Eric.

(On the train to London at 10.30…use the slow/cheap route so on there until nearly 2. Wonder how early I can crack open the pina colada Diane Abbott cans?!)


Open em at 10:31.


Very happy that it’s Friday. Why is it so dark in the mornings now? (rhetorical question)

The train actually leaves at 10.31 :beers:

took me a long time to realise this was the thread for today

HB @McGarnagle!