Happy 4/20 Month 🌲

Let’s not let the minor inconvenience of an unprecedented global pandemic dampen any enthusiasm for the fact that we’re living through the only 4/20 month of the century and probably our lifetimes eh!

Obviously we the law abiding citizens of DiS do not condone or endorse or partake in illegal activites unless we do in which case let’s blaze it up all month babyyy

let’s get relevant bangers in


my sister’s birthday is on 4/20

as was hitler’s

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Going to be able to spend more quality time with my plant/s this spring/summer. Bought 3 ZKittlez OG Auto and got one free Pineapple Express seed. Bought some fancy coconut peat. Only issue is that my drying room is now occupied by a baby. Oh and that I haven’t smoked since this damn lockdown started. Weed is fucking cool, man.

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I bought a book on this subject but it seems like hard work

Buying that book has probably put me on some kind of list

Yeah, the cool guy list!

Already on that list m9

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Maybe the book is only available to cool guy members


I have found it very easy and I’m no gardener. The main thing I do is keep moving it into the sun. That works. And then protect it from the rain when it starts to bud.

I don’t think I have anywhere to do the drying part. It’s not practical right now without causing family related ructions

Yeah that is my issue. Used to use the spare bedroom. It meant the whole house honked of chronic for a week. No visitors.

I could use my loft now but the hatch is stuck and I need to smash through it but lockdown is not the time for it.

If not I have the old water tank cupboard but it is full to the brim with towels and sheets.

I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

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Don’t even smoke no more but I’ll put this one on in honour :evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::palm_tree::seedling::herb:

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Just outside then? Not under lamps or anything?

Dunno if spoilering does anything but will anyway.
Yup, just outside. Had last summer off but did it the previous 3.
First year I had some big fella that took over six months and needed the days and nights to be of equal length. Was six foot by the end of it and got 100g+ off it.
Then a couple of quick autoflowers after that (I was given the seeds). Much smaller, done in three months. Smaller yield but you can grow a couple if you like!
Then this year I have bought my own and have gone for autoflowers that sound really quick and good. I think it said 70 days from seed to harvest!

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These were my jams back in the day