Happy 50th Birthday Professor Alice Roberts!

Justified by the fact that I know she is the dream partner of at least one DiSser, a fantasy spoiled only slightly by the fact she’s been married for fourteen years and has two kids.

Stalwart ambassador for digging stuff out of the ground, hair painting and south west English accents. Currently to be seen on BBC 2 in the late afternoons seemingly visiting every archaelogical dig in the whole country, and in the process coping admirably with the worst example of mansplaining I’ve seen on telly, patiently humouring a man who couldn’t even look her in the eye while he explained to her that big musketballs make bigger holes in walls than small ones.

If she’s done something dodgy on Twitter I don’t want to hear about it.

oh yeah she’s quite good isn’t she

I saw her give a talk once about five years ago when I was doing my Masters

and now whenever she’s on TV, my parents are like “hey that’s your friend, isn’t it”


I think the worst you have to worry about is a slightly Dawkins-y (lightly so) approach to being an atheist but ya know

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