Happy 5th Anniversary


saw this and was shocked it was only 5 years ago, then realised it must’ve been cos David Bowie died 5 years ago


what the hell is that bunches person going on about

Tiffany has shown herself to be so transphobic now, I’m not sure if that improves or ruins this clip.

Roscoe and Marlon, usually


Love the inclusion of “Day 7” in the title and the idea that this misunderstanding has been going on for the last week.

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I’ve never seen this but the Tiffany person seems fucking awful from this clip by erroneously adding “she said Gest” to it which is amazing levels of lying.

Impressive levels of making it about herself eh.

This is the only thing that I’ve seen from big brother since naughty nick

Oh has she? fucks sake

that’s Angie Bowie

that’s a bloody buffoon

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This isn’t the first time either from what I gather.

Bloody hell

There’s something really funny about the way the VO guys says that initial sentence. Especially the word “kitchen”. It has entirely the wrong cadence.