Happy and very much Anglos a Sunday

So… I managed to wake up, which is certainly a start. It took me quite a few moments to work out that the reason I’m on the other side of the bed is that i take the side furthest from the toilet and also we’re at a hotel. Memories end around quarter of an hour before the tai was due, when i began to get anxious of the impeding taxi. Oh and also i think I’m supposed to message the friend of the happy couple i vaguely fancy a bit to arrange us going to see PUP in Bristol in Bovember 2019. All told, a very successful Sunday is on he cards.

I hope you’re all very well


Hi Avery and please send fond regards to lovely gnome. I am up, sun is out, going to go bike riding, sort the garden, do some work and then top it all with some kind of Sunday roast with beetroot.


To clarify, it’s the friend of the happy couple i vaguely fancy a bit, and not the happy couple themselves, although they are both also very attratives. Also i have confirmed with @Gnometorious that I’m not the only person who vaguely fancies this person a bit


Morning all. These 530am kitten wake-ups are killing me.

Drinking lots of coffee, catching up on SPORTS

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How was the cycling?


Got a bad shoulder.

Gonna clean the kitchen when its an acceptable time to use the hoover.

Gonna make toast and coffee.

There’s a Thistle v Celtic ‘legends’ testimonial game later that I might go to. If the weather isn’t completely shit.

In related courtesy information, how early is too early to make a smoothie?

Really good thanks! Them plastics are a great bunch of cyclists.


I think she may have read your post, that gnome, that is, but i sent those regards right over.


Hmm depends how loud it is but on a Sunday about 9.30am.

Hmmm, think I’ve broken the law in the past and will have to live with that.

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Here’s Nicola Sturgeon playing swingball and getting hit in the face

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Fully rubbish! We have a 53 minute change in Worcester later. On the plus side, it’s at t’other Station from our change yestertag, so i might have better optiins that Café Loco for coffee.

Do you talk about other films actors have been in who are acting in the film you are currently watching?

  • Yes, I don’t know how to watch films
  • No.

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More so with TV but this is one of my wife’s major talents, spotting even the most obscure actor or previous role.




Not in the cinema but when watching at home obviously

You know what would make this thread more fun?

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  • Or
  • Two
  • I fancy Carly Rae Jepson

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We’re going to Lewes for the day for some heritage week walk. It looks like the weather will be perfect for it.

Hello! Off to work in a minute, but it’s Sunday so it’s a short day and it’s sunny and who cares it’s only work* :grinning:

*I give this attitude half an hour tops.