Happy and very much Anglos a Sunday

Anglos a Sunday!

A quiet day for me. The other half is out all day, so I’m solo parenting out still under the weather child. I predict a LOT of terrible cartoons on Amazon Prime.


Literally no plans whatsoever.

Don’t go?

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Sandwich or just a slice of lovely bread.

I pretty much buy fresh sourdough to have either with a slab of butter or marge and peanut butter.

I don’t like PB on toast much. Seems too dry

Just so you all know, i eat peanut butter most days, but never on anything other than a spoon.


Oh hang on I’ve got a Netrunner tournament tomorrow night. Need to make decks.


You being shot or doing the shooting? :eyes:

Everytime I read Worcestershire I feel hungry


Would feel too bad I think. Think it’s partly the Sundayness I cba with.

I’m getting shot :gun: lol

Oooh have fun/look moody

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Oh, btw, for your fyi info, we’re at a gotel that doesn’t even have a breakfast bar. They offer like a tub of cereal and OJ for like £6. This is the worst place I’ve even heard about.

Anyone got any breakfast café recommendations for Bromsgrove?

I kinda just called a stranger on the Internet an arsehole and offered them a medal. I’m out of control.

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Anglos a, everyone

Lovely day here. Might do some painting in the garden, might just do as little as possible.

Still sick, probably going to have to see a doctor who will put me on antibiotics and then I won’t be able to drink any of my delicious beers I acquired yesterday for aaaages :-1:

My fringe has gotten an impressive amount of volume and bounce overnight, bet I won’t be able to keep it like that by the time I sort out the rest of my hair.

To be fair they seemed like an arsehole

Had a dream that Kelly Brook pulled her pants down and asked me to kiss her bumcheek five times

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The Child is still ill.

Wor Lass’s friend has decided this morning is the best time for a visit and won’t be talked out of it. This has meant cleaning the house at an ungodly hour. Recent messages between them have implied that neither party is clear who is visiting who. I’m not mad keen on visitors at the best of times.

Got a bad cold and I didn’t sleep well. Running critically low on tissues.

Going to soft play :confounded:

Also the buckle on the pram has broken, so that’s out of commission for the foreseeable