Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary to @coffeecap @radnared @Lscr @derekdebiak and @RichardD!

Wishing you the best for the DiS year ahead.


Speak for yourself

I was, thanks!


Does anyone remember their first ever post? Inc old boards.

I can’t but wondering I introduced myself or just posted a “lol” or something

Did you introduce yourself?

I do! I was trying to find out what the lyrics meant to Sunflower by Low. Nobody gave me a straight answer.

They’re about a sunflower.

They’re about Vitalite

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Funny guys.

Anyway, happy anniversary @TrippyDippy @lowercaseman and @nikos9595 !


Big day for those people. I hope they’re on here celebrating!,:tada::tada::tada::clinking_glasses:

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They’ve not been on for ages :frowning:

Not sure if you remember this thread but @TrippyDippy was (and presumably still is) a massive fan of the band Space, defending them against the music board naysayers. He deserves his cake.

Space - Give Me Your Future - #2 by TKC

I do not remember that, no. I do remember enjoying the riff to Avenging Angels, though.

@nikos9595 didn’t stick around for long either. This was his sole contribution:

He’s no @stumbley

They’re not, but i ll support him you ?

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How long were the old boards up and running for? I feel behind on my DiS history

A couple of weeks


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Since the site started which I think was 2001?

Erm, does that mean there are adults wandering about now who had only just been born when @sadpunk @anon50098204 and @cowtipping first started posting on DiS?

pff i have t-shirts older than dis